Foster Maddox and family, Benjamin Riley Maddox

Left to right: Foster N. Maddox, (My great, great grandfather.)  Benjamin Riley Maddox, child possibly Ruby Jane Delbridge, Morther: Sarah E. Ramsay Maddox and child possibly Edna Maddox. Back row, William Frank Maddox.

In memory of Aunt Cathy Baucom

Rocky's yellow rose from her memorial flowers



Another sweet video of my dad Frank Baucom singing!

"Trying to get home, they don't allow hobos hanging around!"

In which the Dickey's go to Nashville and see the Whiteside family, the Science Adventure Center, eat at world famous meat and three, Arnold's and make 3 trips to Kentucky for enough gas to get to Huntsville, because as most of you know by now, Nashville is OUT OF GAS!

"It is sooo relaxing riding the bus.........."

"Everyone needs their memories...."

They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.

I had the funniest dream last night about Aunt Barbara Baucom

I dreamed that we were at the lake visiting Aunt Barbara. She asked us to ride to Centerpoint with her to pick up her daughter Jennifer. So we all hopped in Big Mickey's conversion van and drove to Centerpoint. Once there, the boys and I went inside the Publix to get Freddie some dog food. When we came out, the van and Barbara were gone!

A few minutes later my cell phone rang and it was Mickey Jr. He said "Hey, mom's lost over on Acton Road, she was driving around looking for a grassy place to let Freddie out to do his business. She is a little upset and is going to go ahead and go back to Lake Martin and wants you to call your dad to come pick you up there in Centerpoint."

The truly hilarious thing about this dream? It actually could have happened in real life!